And he said to them, “follow me and I will make
you fishers of men”

We never want to lose sight of how blessed we are to live in this country and to be able to work in this community.
We strive to be a blessing to others by paying it forward in service locally and in global missions.





Greenway Park Elementary   

FletcherCROSS serves at a local title one school in the area by mentoring students, volunteering our time in partnership with a community church to donate school supplies, books, coats and shoes as well as campus improvement projects. All of this is geared to allow the teachers to teach and the students to learn. Living out God's love for these kids is some of our favorite times of the year.





FletcherCROSS partners with Mission of Hope, Haiti annually in fundraising and mission efforts.  
Mission of Hope's vision: as an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope seeks to bring life transformation to every Man, Woman, and Child in Haiti.

At FletcherCROSS we never want to lose sight of how blessed we are to live and work in the greater Charlotte area as well as the United States. It is critical to us that we stay focused on our blessings by trying to be a blessing to others in a manner that glorifies God.

We close operations for a week ever year and participate in a mission trip as a team.